I'm officially a fail

I'm officially a fail..
I needed a trinket, badly.
I won the roll.. but I passed because I didn't understand the rules.... cuz I won an upgrade on another boss...

Now I feel soooo stupid. Honestly, I don't think someone as nubbish as me should play.

:sadpanda is sad:


What is that Auctioneer doing in the box?

LK at the Warspear Auction House

Slackers! I don't know why they are in the boxes not on them, but those auctioneers better not skim off my loot! I think I caught the auctioneer behind me scratching their butt... Awkward.

Dreadhex wanted a screenshot version.. not a selfie

Ever wonder how those auctioneers can stay up there so long? I bet there's a toilet in there :P


World of Warcraft Comics

Something funny I found while drinking my morning coffee :)

Paranoid gaming
LOTR WoW Style
Happy Gaming! ^^


LK GETS PWNED (My Gif Attempt)

My attempt at gif creation.. what do you think?
No such thing as an easy day when farming on World of Warcraft.